BGN is made up of young and dynamic professionals, who undergo constant training and form an efficient, competent and reliable team of real-estate agents always willing to serve our clients.

We have vast market knowledge and every single agent in our team is specialized in a specific area in order to provide a personalized service to suit every need.

Our objective is to represent and defend your interests. We offer a wide range of real estate, for purchasing or renting, at market price, all backed by a kind and attentive team.

We will be more than happy to show you all the different possibilities available. We are convinced that you will find what you are looking for.

Main goal BGN is, without any doubt, being able to satisfy our clients’ needs. That’s why we provide a wide variety of specialized services, from different aspects in the real-estate sector to economic and finance advice, funding case studies, start-up business plans, market and economic viability,

Equipo BGN inmobiliaria

taxes and inheritance; plus independent professionals’ services such as expert reports, official appraisals, technical projects, interior design and remodelling, etc.

Our strengths are a vast experience, an extraordinary customer service concept, a high professional level with solid values and principles focused on specific goals and satisfied clients; all this has been consolidated through our agents’ ongoing training and every each of them is specialized in specific districts and areas of activity.

Thus, we also provide you with all our knowledge about marketing and advertising through the most innovative and important companies from the both national and international real-estate sector. Furthermore, we have tools based on state-of-the-art TICs with a well-known and cutting-edge CRM, continuous advice and, of course, we give our clients personal treatment.

Our Mission
To make up the best real-estate management offer with products, services, technology and methods which meet market requirements in a productive and profitable way; relying on a strong service concept: ‘Real-estate Ethics.’

Our vision
BGN, the brand which is synonymous of ethics and innovation for the real-estate market; the roots of competence and excellence in the widest and most flexible real-estate supply.

Excellence: lifestyle with strong foundations of competence. Leadership: work with dynamism, enthusiasm, passion and always being at the forefront of the real-estate market. Integrity: ethics, honesty and a transparent spirit in order to achieve a client’s loyalty. Commitment: sacrifice, responsibility and fidelity will make us succeed.